Are Testosterone Supplements Safe?

Are Supplements Harmefull

There has been a lot in the news recently about supplements and if they are safe to take. A recent article on the BBC website and TV program highlighted the issues one man had with his liver. The man had taken green tea extract, which many believe has fat burning properties and can be used to stimulate all sorts of things in the body.

Many of the products reviewed on this website contain green tea extract in greater or lesser quantities, basically because of their fat burning qualities and the research that has been done to back this up. I want to get to the bottom of whether Testosterone Supplements are safe.

Experts have pointed out that the likelihood of anyone having this kind of reaction to green tea are extremely rare, not unlike most things we either eat, drink or generally consume. You can’t read a paper or visit Facebook or Twitter without the latest so-called expert giving the latest advice on what to and not to eat.

Don’t eat fat, don’t eat carbohydrates, eat breakfast, don’t eat breakfast. Don’t forget it is only in the last 50 or so years that experts have found the link between smoking and cancer, up until the 1950’s you we as likely to leave the doctor with a cigarette as you were with a prescription for drugs.

Green Tea Cup

OK so things have moved on since then and we are constantly bombarded with messages about our health and what we can do to improve it. But is everything we are told right and what can we do to make sure what we are taking is safe?

Doctors will tell you that approved supplements bought from reputable businesses are almost always going to be safe, provided the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. That means you need to buy your supplements from a company that manufactures product in the USA and UK to current standards set out by the FDA and FSA. Products marked with cGMP will have been manufactured in a facility that has been regulated to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice standards required by the FDA.

So we have to ensure that the product we buy is manufactured in a safe environment but does that mean it is safe to take? It is easy to say that if you take more than the recommended levels that is will cause harm, but it is essential that you only take the correct amount and if you are mixing supplements such as fat burners and testosterone boosters that you are aware of the levels of ingredients in both and make sure that you are not taking too much.

Thinking that simply taking more of something that is perceived to be good for you or because it does something taking more will help it to do more – like taking more fat burners or taking too many testosterone boosters, they won’t boost more testosterone, probably just get stuck in the liver and cause damage.

Most Testosterone Supplements have been specially formulated to make sure that the levels of each ingredient works best with each other, so taking more of one element might have an effect on another ingredient in the mix, making it either more powerful or potentially more harmful.

A mixture of different supplements might contain one or more of the same nutrients, potentially leading to excess levels of things like vitamin D which there is a safe level to take each day. There are many studies of how much vitamin D we should have per day, this article by the Vitamin Council suggests way more than many studies including this article on the BBC regarding vitamin D so like most things you have to make your own mind up and go with what you think is the best solution for you.

Vitamin D3 Capsules

I have mentioned vitamin D because of it’s Testosterone Boosting properties and because it is a vital ingredient in some of the Testosterone Boosters reviewed on this website. A lack of vitamin D, which we mostly get from the sun, can lead to bone pain caused by a condition called osteomalacia in adults. So even if you only take something like Hunter Test for it’s vitamin D boost you will be doing yourself some good, not just boosting your Testosterone.

The following foods contain vitamin D3 but only in small quantities

  • Oily fish
  • Red meat
  • Liver
  • Egg Yolks
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Fat Spreads
  • Fortified Foods

The NHS in the UK suggests that a normal healthy adult can get all of the vitamins and minerals they need just from eating a healthy balanced diet, all except that is from vitamin D where people who live in the norther hemisphere, including most of the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Russia should be taking vitamin D supplements.

Sunshine Vitamin D3

One interesting quote from Sam Jennings, a director of a consultancy that works with supplement manufacturers, said

“What has become clear is that with supplements the benefits aren’t always going to be obvious in all people, because it’s going to depend on that individual’s own make-up as to whether they will receive benefit from having an extra nutrient of some kind.”

Inconclusive but suggests that some will benefit and some won’t. Great. The only real way to see if you get a boost from taking a Testosterone Booster is to find a good one and take it. See if you feel any different about yourself and make your own mind up.

Of course the other way to do this is a bit more scientific. For anyone who has already been diagnosed with low testosterone and has undergone any kind of blood testing to see what their current levels of testosterone are, can take a supplement knowing what the base level is. This way you can see if the booster has indeed boosted your Testosterone.

A bit simplistic I know and it doesn’t help anyone wanting some sort of proof that these supplements work, so here is a quick guide to buying supplements

  • Only buy supplements from reputable suppliers – make sure that the company you are buying from has reviews on websites like this, that they fully disclose what you are buying.
  • Don’t buy propitiatory blends where you are not told what is in the supplement because the company doesn’t want to disclose it. you don’t know what is in it and what harm it could do you
  • Check if the supplement has been tested by people like you (comparable age, sex). Read testimonials on websites like this or the manufacturers website, believe them or don’t but steer clear of companies who don’t show any reviews (unless it’s a new product)
  • Look for warnings on the label and read the small print – for example, people with heart conditions would want to check the supplement is not toxic for the heart or that you can take the supplement if you are pregnant
  • Look at the ingredients and think about what you are taking if you want to use multiple supplements at the same time
  • Never exceed the stated dose, ever.


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