Best Fat Burners 2019 – Our Updated Guide

Our handy guide aims to show you some of the leading fat burning supplements available on the market today.

Fat Burner Overview

Trying to get into shape and lose some of the more stubborn areas of fat requires a lot of hard work, patience and more importantly dedication. The best place to start to reach your goals is a good diet and taking regular exercise, way before thinking about reaching for a fat burner.

There are two basic type of so-called fat burners, one that helps you to fell less hungry and therefore eat less, making your body burn fat and not store it. The other basically makes you go to the toilet more and gives you not just runny, but greasy waste products.

Don’t be fooled by some claims that these are somehow magic solutions to burn away the fat without having to work for it, they just don’t exist. There really is no shortcut to weight or fat loss success, you need to work at it and keep going, especially when that going gets really, really tough.

So which to take, well I know which ones I prefer and they are all listed below. They have the ingredients that will help to feel full and naturally help your body to burn fat. These products are the best around because they all contain glucomannan, which is one of the only ingredients that is approved by the FDA and FSA for it’s fat burning properties.

Konjac Root - Glucomannan
Konjac Root – Glucomannan

However, it is important to realise that although they contain ingredients that can help, most of the supplements that call themselves fat burners, including all of the ones that I have reviewed on this page, do not come with any proof that they can or will help with fat loss and fat burning. They are all supplements that have been formulated and designed to support your fat loss goals and they usually contain a number of natural ingredients including plant extracts along with vitamins and minerals, most of which can be bought separately in a chemist or supermarket.

No matter which fat burner you choose, make sure it has glucomannan and in a decent quantity. There is evidence [1] to suggest that a dose of around 2-4g per day will aid weight loss. Therefore, you want to look for a supplement that gives you at least this amount per serving. On this basis Hunter Burn has the most glucomannan, which although is a great sign, isn’t the whole picture.

Also worth looking out for is the amount of caffeine in the product, which can lead to unwanted side effects and not a lot else. With most of the supplements here there is an amount of natural tea extract, be that Matcha or just green tea, both of which already have caffeine, so you want to watch which products also have an extra kick just to make it feel stronger.

The Best Fat Burner Supplements 2019

    Summary Rating Website
Instant Knockout • Glucomannan
• Green Tea Extract
• 90-day Guarantee
• Testimonials
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Hunter Burn • Glucomannan
• Matcha Green Tea
• 90-day Guarantee
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Lean Bean • Vegan Friendly
• Glucomannan
• Green Tea
• 90-day Guarantee
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• Caffeine Free
• Vegan Friendly
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HourGlass Hour Glass Womens Fat Burner • Glucomannan
• Green Tea Extract
• 90-day Guarantee
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Set Your Fat Burning Goals

Your main goal should be to eat less calories then you burn, not by starving yourself (although there are proven benefits to intermittent fasting over short periods where you eat up to 600 calories per day). The best way to achieve this is to eat less and more healthy food and take regular exercise.

Taking a fat burning supplement can’t be a substitute for a healthy balanced lifestyle. They can help you tone or burn excess fat, but you are going to have to put in some effort and work hard to really have any lasting effect.

We have reviewed the best products on sale in the USA and UK, which can also be purchased worldwide from most of the websites that we have provided links to. We regularly update this page and are always looking at new products like Hunter Burn which is a new product for 2019.

Whatever your fat burning goals are for 2019, however you decide to achieve them, be it with diet and exercise or the use of a fat burner, we hope you find the following guide to the best fat burning supplements useful.

The Top Fat Burners of 2019

#1 Instant Knockout

Product website:

#2 Hunter Burn

Product website:

#3 Lean Bean

Product website:

#4 Performance Lab® SPORT Fat Burner

Product website:

#5 Hour Glass

Product website:

[1] Glucomannan and obesity: a critical review.