Best Fat Burners

Fat Burner Overview

Some of us really need to lose some weight, but how without starving ourselves and feeling a bit lethargic and hungry.

One way is to take a fat burner, which by it’s nature should help to shift some of the stubborn weight that we carry after too much beer or just overeating.

There are two basic type of so called fat burners, one that helps you to fell less hungry and therefore eat less, making your body burn fat and not store it. The other basically makes you go to the toilet more and gives you not just runny, but greasy waste products or poo.

So which to take, well I know which ones I prefer and they are all listed below. They have the ingredients that will help to feel full and naturally help your body to burn fat. These products are the best around because they all contain glucomannan, which is one of the only ingredients that is approved by the FDA and FSA for it’s fat burning properties.

No matter which fat burner you choose, make sure it has glucomannan and in a decent quantity. There is evidence [1] to suggest that a dose of around 2-4g per day will aid weight loss. Therefore you want to look for a supplement that gives you at least this amount per serving. On this basis Hunter Burn has the most glucomannan, which although is a great sign, isn’t the whole picture

The Top 3 Fat Burners

Hunter Burn – the all new premium fat burner for older men

Hunter Burn, a whole new fat burner for the over 40s that we think will revolutionise the fat burner supplement business. Suitable for both men and women, this fat burner is caffeine free meaning no more jitters from too much caffeine and it is suitable for those of you...
Hour Glass Womens Fat Burner

Hour Glass Women’s Fat Burner

Based on the latest research Hourglass is one of the best Women's fat burners around Buy it direct from the Hourglass website here - Buy Hourglass As stated previously the only place to buy the Hourglass product is direct from their own website Buy Hourglass Here Below are some of the Pros and...

Instant Knockout Fat Burner – Just MMA or for everyone?

Instant Knockout is a fat burner developed for MMA fighters, which has been made available for everyone from the manufacturer Roar Ambition. As with most of these premium products it is only available directly through their website, which isn't a huge issue as they have a money back guarantee (more...

[1] Glucomannan and obesity: a critical review.