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I'm John Nicholls, I'm not a fitness fanatic but I like to stay fit and exercise daily. I take supplements to help me to boost my Testosterone levels and also fat burners to help with weight loss when it all gets a bit too much.
Best Food for Boosting Testosterone

What are the Best Foods to Eat to Naturally Increase your Testosterone

Testosterone hormones play a significant role in men's lives which is why it's also known as a male hormone. People experiencing low testosterone hormone...
Low Testosterone in Men

What Are the Signs of Low Testosterone in Men?

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for the development of male features in humans. It is found in higher concentrations in men, but...
Boss Shred

Boss Shred – Professional gym workout to lose fat

Boss Shred is the new gym based workout from Boss Workouts aimed burning fat and putting on muscle. What is Boss Shred? What's included? What else do...
Hour Glass Womens Fat Burner

Hourglass Review

Our Review is based on the latest research on one of the best Women's fat burners around. The Pros and Cons of Hourglass Below are some...
Hunter Test vs Testofuel

Hunter Test vs TestoFuel – Which is Better?

We look at the difference between two of the leading Testosterone Boosters on the market today, Hunter Test and TestoFuel. Quick overview Hunter Test and Testofuel...