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I'm John Nicholls, I'm not a fitness fanatic but I like to stay fit and exercise daily. I take supplements to help me to boost my Testosterone levels and also fat burners to help with weight loss when it all gets a bit too much.
Boss Lean Mass

Boss Lean Mass – Build Muscle not Fat

Boss have four great workouts aimed at different people. Lean Mass is aimed at people who want to add muscle mass without adding fat. What...
Women Testosterone Levels

Do Women Suffer from Low Testosterone?

Why do women need a perfect balance of testosterone? There is a common misconception that testosterone is a male hormone and that it is...
4Gauge Pre Workout Supplement

4 Gauge Review

Dragging yourself to the gym can absolutely be the hardest part of working out. There are days where finding the energy and motivation to...
Hour Glass Womens Fat Burner

Hourglass Review

Our Review is based on the latest research on one of the best Women's fat burners around. The Pros and Cons of Hourglass Below are some...
Lean Bean Single Product

Leanbean Review

Venture into any supplement or sports shop, and you’ll find no end of weight loss or fat burning products with hyper-masculine titles. Maxxx-Shred, Tiger...