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I'm John Nicholls, I'm not a fitness fanatic but I like to stay fit and exercise daily. I take supplements to help me to boost my Testosterone levels and also fat burners to help with weight loss when it all gets a bit too much.
Working out in older age

The Health Benefits of Working Out in Older Age

According to a study on the .gov website "New evidence review concludes that adults should do strengthening and balancing exercises twice a week alongside...
Prime Male Review 2019

Prime Male Review

Our Prime Male Review looks at the pros and cons of this testosterone booster that is specifically designed for the over 40s. Buy Prime Male...

Hunter Focus Review

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Women Testosterone Levels

Do Women Suffer from Low Testosterone?

Why do women need a perfect balance of testosterone? There is a common misconception that testosterone is a male hormone and that it is...
Are Supplements Harmefull

Are Testosterone Supplements Safe?

There has been a lot in the news recently about testosterone supplements and if they are safe to take. A recent article on the...