Testogen Review

As men get older, our bodies start to change in ways that no one really prepares you for. So much of what we learn...

Hunter Focus Review

Updated for 2020, our Hunter Focus Review looks at the brain pill that's claims to be the one for the over 40s. Hunter Focus is...
testosterone testing lets get checked

Testosterone Level Testing

As a culture, we place a huge emphasis on testosterone. It occupies a special place in the popular imagination as the fuel...
Hunter Burn Premium Fat Burner

Hunter Burn Review

Our Hunter Burn review looks at this whole new fat burner for the over 40s that I think will revolutionise the fat burner supplements...
Alcohol Lowers Testosterone

Are There Foods That Will Lower My Testosterone?

We all know that maintaining healthy levels of the sex hormone testosterone are important for improving and maintaining sexual function. And most if us...

What are Fat Burners and How do they Work?

We’ve all heard the term fat burner, but does anyone actually know what fat burners are and what it means? The term is used...

Boss Shred – Professional gym workout to lose fat

Boss Shred is the new gym based workout from Boss Workouts aimed burning fat and putting on muscle. What is Boss Shred? What's included? What else do...

What is Testosterone?

So what is Testosterone? Well, simply put it is the naturally occurring male sex hormone produced by the testes. As we get older the...

Best Testosterone Boosters 2020 – The Updated Guide

Read our extensive guide to some of the leading Testosterone Boosters and Supplements available on the market today. Testosterone Boosters Overview We have put together a...

Hourglass Review

Our Review is based on the latest research on one of the best Women's fat burners around. The Pros and Cons of Hourglass Below are some...

What are the Best Foods to Eat to Naturally Increase your...

Testosterone hormones play a significant role in men's lives which is why it's also known as a male hormone. People experiencing low testosterone hormone...

Testofuel Review 2020

Updated for 2020, our Testofuel Review looks at whether any good or are there better Testosterone Boosters out there? I take a look at...

Hunter Test Review

This is our in-depth Hunter Test Review, which is a new premium Testosterone booster that is designed to naturally . As part of the...
Testosterone Sex Drive

Can Testosterone Supplements help my Sex Drive?

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is found in both men and women but it's mostly produced by men. It is the major sex...
Are Supplements Harmefull

Are Testosterone Supplements Safe?

There has been a lot in the news recently about testosterone supplements and if they are safe to take. A recent article on the...
Working out in older age

The Health Benefits of Working Out in Older Age

According to a study on the .gov website "New evidence review concludes that adults should do strengthening and balancing exercises twice a week alongside...
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